31 Days to Living a More Creative Life

Welcome! I’ve decided to join the 31 Days of Writing Challenge. Today is a new day.

Why creativity? Because, like you, I’ve got a lot going on. There’s the empty nest, the husband’s chronic illness, the teaching and writing work, the desire to make art, and the need to be an activist for women and girls.

Double Down copyBesides, I love creativity — finding new and beautiful ways to do old and ordinary things. Committed to living my most creative life, I will find ways to reflect on and share strategies, such as, telling myself:

  • To sit still and slow down.
  • To acknowledge imperfections. After all, low perfectionism = high productivity. High perfectionism = low productivity.
  • You’re going to want to quit.
  • You’re not going to quit.
  • Showing up consistently is more important than stardom; quantity is better than quality.
  • Write well and fast.
  • You can be an artist and still take good care of your loved ones.

In previous years, I’ve explored 31 Days of Mindfulness and The Happiness Plan.