The Happiness Plan

I love lists. I’m looking at what makes me happy. And I hope it makes you happy too. I hope you find a little relief here from the crazy world out there. Maybe you’ll laugh, smile, hopefully cry — yes, it’s no secret that I like moving myself (and others) to tears.

Here’s some of the topics I’ve come up with:

Ordinarily Happy
Small Things, Like Eyelashes, Make a Big Difference
Dare to Tell Your Truth
Kids and Kindness
My Bike Commute
Turn Off the News
Coffee at the Spa
I’m Sorry
Wonder Woman
Have a Hobby
Letting Go of My Old Work
A Reservoir of Kindness
You’ll find links to these topics here.

I have always loved this quote by Abraham Lincoln:

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.

It makes me happy to think of brave people like Abraham Lincoln in our American story, especially in a presidential election year. Good people. Kind people. Compassionate people. I want to be one of them.