On the Train Platform

This morning a train was pulling into the station. The sky was that perfect autumn blue, blue, blue. And I was thinking, Oh, I love this moment so much. This moment right before the train arrives, I must take a picture. The bright silver Long Island Railroad and its approach. The white headlight.


But a picture would only capture a fraction of the experience. And my picture might even be a bit cliche — train’s a’coming, Ma! — we’ve seen that picture.

A picture would not catch the noise – the steel braking against rail. The feel of the cold Autumn air in my hair. The way the cement platform sways, ever so slightly. Or the smell and taste of my not-very-warm-enough coffee.

I was coming from Queens (and last night drove my girls to a Sweet Sixteen in the Bronx — too much with the boroughs, girls!)

Char was in a webseries (and I’d look it up but I’m too tired, (ready for bed)). We wondered if the webseries was legit so I offered to join her and check it out. We were a little suspicious becasue the writer/director’s phone number was six digits, not seven or nine. And the subject of the episode seemed to be about the kidnapping of a teen.

“Is the material even appropriate, hon?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so,” she said. Ugh! Thus I was on the Auburndale platform in Queens early on a Sunday morning.

As soon as I saw the set, I felt at ease. The episode was being shot a comic shop. Other parents hovered around their star teens like unnecessary satellites. I remembered my own foray into an independent film series when I was way young., Yes, the Adventures of Go Girl! And we shot our episode in a comic shop too.

I wondered, if Charlotte ever has a daughter, Will she shoot her independent film in a comic shop too? Will comic shops even exist then? Will I exist to meet any possible granddaughter? These were questions I asked myself, waiting on the train platform.

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