Flowers for My Friends’ Wedding

I am so happy to be helping two of my friends with their wedding flowers next Saturday.

white flowersThis is the third time I’ve done flowers for a wedding. It is a lot of work and a lot of fun, and only slightly stressful. I never studied floral design, but I think I have a pretty good eye.

Another reason I am super-excited for Bridget and Amanda’s wedding is that this will be my first lesbian wedding. I know. I know. I am a little behind the times. I have many LGBT friends and you might think I’ve been to several. So proud my state honors same-sex unions!

I love love. And I love these two women — colleagues and friends — and super happy to celebrate their union.

Although, to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of marriage, I am a huge fan of love. And I am a hopeless romantic. (Just because my marriages have been hard doesn’t mean everyone’s have to be!)

My brilliant friend Emily created a beautiful Pinterest board to guide the helpers on the flowers and the wedding vibe. I think this is one of the beauties of Pinterest — as a visual dictionary to inspire and guide.

So, day 5 of my writing challenge to write every day for the month of October, on this Sunday, I celebrate love and marriage and same sex unions! And flowers!

2 thoughts on “Flowers for My Friends’ Wedding

  1. Beautiful flowers! I hope the wedding goes well. 🙂

    Like you, I’m a fan of love, but not of marriage. My now-husband and I finally threw up our hands and married because of the legalities of his son from a prior relationship. I don’t want to lose my boy, should something happen to his dad. No marriage = no rights. It’s disgusting. What’s wrong with good old fashioned contracts between legal adults? Well, that’s my soapbox.

    I’d never seen Kale look like it does in your image. It’s beautiful! I’ll go look at the Pinterest board, now. Thank you for sharing!

    1. yes, thanks so much for your comment — marriage was made to maintain property. i am not a fan. but whatever. I live in this world, i try to abide by this world’s rules. 😉

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