Everyone Drives Me Crazy

It could be the heat today. But everyone is so annoying! At work my colleagues expect all my work to be done last week. At home my kids yell at me to help them with homework. Genius takes time, my friends. You can’t expect a unicorn to work like a mule. Maybe I am just crabby.

I blame it on my husband’s Parkinson’s Disease. I blame everything on his PD.

And there is one other thing — one huge contribution to today’s overall sucky-ness. (If you know me, you know I’m rarely in this sucky camp. I’m usually in the glass-is-half-full camp. I stay happy because I have made up and followed my 7 Rules to Happiness and they usually work! But not today.)

Today’s pity party reached a crescendo when after racing my bike to get to one of my darling’s appointments at the orthodontist, I discovered I’d have  to cough up $295 dollars to replace each of my darling’s two lost retainers. That’s right. A set of lost retainers will set me back $590.

After the trip to the orthodontist I consoled myselt that when I got home, at least the house would be clean. See, Chris is extremely messy (blame the PD) (and admittedly, I’m no Felix Unger myself), but Wednesday nights are usually the one night when I don’t have to kick the house into some semblance of order when I get home from work. Because A., the cleaning person, works magic in our apartment on Wednesdays.

I was thinking ‘Tonite, the house will be clean and I will make myself some jewelry.’ I’d biked to the craft store and bought some beads. I like to be crafty. It’s calming, fun, productive. But A. couldn’t make it today. So I spent the night, cooking, cleaning, being generally pissed off. I didn’t make any jewelry. I just helped with homework and cleaned the kitchen.

Okay, I can’t end this post without admitting to a few highlights of my day too: Laying on the grass at Barnard with Liz at lunchtime and reading the kids Deenie  by Judy Blume for our Mother-Daughter book club before they went to sleep.

Tomorrow’s another day. I doubt it will suck. I will try to be grateful and I will try to be happy.

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