This is where I am right now. I am on a retreat. Retreat means surrender. And I surrender.

New York City’s winter requires an antidote. How about a warm nurturing room on the third floor of a mansion? Forty-five minutes from the city, the retreat center at Stony Point, New York is totally worth it.

The air smells fresh. The snow is still white. The food is good. I am here for 24 hours.

I am in a house full of women. Some are a part of a Loving Hands knitting and crocheting group. And I am part of a group of nine women from Rutgers Church. In the afternoon, we sat in a circle in the meditation room. In the evening, we sat in front of the fire and laughed.

I love to retreat. I would like to surrender every week. Or every month. Or at least every season. I see the need to get away as restorative and necessary, especially for working mothers. The cost for 3 meals and a single room in the mansion is $115, but the result is sanity. It is not too high a price to pay.

I find I can can thrive on the island of Manhattan so long as every once in a while I can go to Stony Point or Westport, New York or to Manchester, Vermont. Getting away makes going home manageable.

One thought on “Retreat

  1. Hi, there. That is a gorgeous, inviting photograph of your bedroom accomadations-I can see where walking into that quiet, snow-lit room, you might instantly melt by the warmth of it all. Cozy comes to mind. I love a cozy, out of the way, quiet and meditative place, myself. I am glad you found the solace you need to keep in the frazzled race of the city. A very good idea. Now, you’ve got me thinking…back to Cape May, New Jersey for some quiet, off season get-away time in a great, 1879 Victorian Inn with a fine dining restaurant? Or how about ….. well, like I said, I’m thinking…

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