running helps handle my nightmares

Today at lunch time, I ran with David, my coworker. We ran for 29 minutes, about 2.5 miles. That’s double what I did January 30th, two and a half weeks ago. I love progress.

Yesterday was crazy busy — judging a writing contest, attending a lunch time book club, meeting my daughters’ teachers, watching my son’s swim meet, getting on a conference call, then showing up for my online writing class at 9 pm.

This morning I woke up sweaty. I dreamed I was carrying a baby in one arm and a stack of papers in another. I was crossing from one apartment to another, stepping next to an open elevator shaft. I had that scared-of-heights feeling. I dropped the papers, but not the baby, several stories down. The baby and I watched papers fall slowly, beautifully, like in a movie.

Then I chatted with a friend in my apartment. I left the baby alone in the hallway. I suddenly thought, “I hope the baby girl doesn’t play too close to the air shaft.” Then I thought, “She’ll just have to learn her lesson.”

I think the dream was a way for my unconscious to work out the fact that I carry too much. The dream was a reminder that I need to learn my lesson too. In dreams, we are all the characters and symbols — like, I am the baby, the friend, the air shaft, the sheaf of papers. There are times when my writing, my papers, my parenting, my work, my life gets away from me, falling like the papers down the air shaft. I carry too much.

The only thing I carry when I run is my phone so I can watch my CardioTrainer app and see how far I’ve gone and whether it’s time to go from a run to a walk. See, I’m still doing that 5 minutes of running and then 1 minute of walking routine. It’s good to pace myself.

Now, if I could only figure out how to pace myself in my life outside of running. Is there an app for that?

3 thoughts on “running helps handle my nightmares

  1. It’s amazing to me how you interpreted your dream…I wish I could do that! Sometimes my dreams are so bizzare, sometimes frightful, but most of the time I don’t dream or don’t remember my dreams, one or the other. Some people say we all dream all the time, we just don’t remember them. I’m not so sure but I’d love to study this subject someday. Regarding your progress with running…awesome job and GOOD FOR YOU!! I’m curious how often you run. Have you been progressing slowly over the last two weeks or did you just make a jump? Either way, it’s awesome. Congrats!

    1. Thanks for encouragement! I just made that jump because I was running with someone else, I think. Left to my own devices, I’d stay at the same leve. I almost always remember my dreams and write them in my journal in the morning. Happy dreaming!

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