PDF Submission

So for the first time I submitted a story in PDF form. I sent “Going to Mystic” to the New Yorker and I really hope it does NOT get accepted because then I might have a little explaining to do. Oh wait, I submitted it to the Fiction Department, that’s right that story’s fiction! Thank God!

I consider myself a techie. I did not think I had the capacity to convert my Word story into a PDF. What about all those other lonely non-techie writers? I wonder how they get their stuff published. But I was clever. I downloaded a free trial version of Adobe. I let my computer install the program all weekend. Now, I feel like I have to do all of my on-line PDF submissions in the next month while my free version of Adobe lasts.

I’m fairly sure I will get some story accepted for publication in the next month. I’ve got four stories at three different places – two at Good Housekeeping, one at The New Yorker, and one at Bitch Magazine. I hope they pay a lot because I’ll need to make enough money to buy a version of that software so I can continue to submit for publication.

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