Query Letter

Apparently, you’re supposed to submit a query letter when trying to get some bit of writing published. This is hard for me. As I would much prefer just sitting at my computer waiting for an editor to approach me. But no. That apparently is not the way it is done.

Having just been to the Tim Burton exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art yesterday, http://mybeautifulnewyork.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/tim-burton-at-the-moma/ I can tell you that young man (well, he’s older than me), he actually sent many cover letters and query letters. You can see copies of one he sent to Disney and an editor replied that his work was much too similar to Dr. Seuss’s work. So there.

If Tim Burton (aka Genius) can write a dang query letter, why can’t I? Lazy? Or maybe there’s some little fear of failure? That if I write a letter, I could be rejected.

Now who likes rejection? Don’t all raise your hands at once. Okay, guess what? Tim Burton got and gets rejected a lot. He also does not finish many of his projects. Mary Beth, do your best, my friend. Write your dang query letter and then get on with your day. Who cares about your feelings? (Me! I do!)

You, Mary Beth, like all artists, actually have to do some work to get paid for your writing. No one is going to show up at your front door and ask for your pearls of wisdom. Not today, any way. Although I am waiting.

Yup, waiting. Still waiting. Nothing? Nada? Nope?

Tim Burton at the MoMA

this is copy right of Tim Burton

I was at the MoMA for the second time in a couple of weeks this afternoon. The Tim Burton exhibit is amazing and perhaps, addictive. The guy is insane. But you know, in a good way. And in an exceedingly productive way. I love the comic gothic – if that’s what you call it. I also love the preoccupation with the mother and the bloody babies and the monsters and the aliens. And by the way, what does he have against grown ups, holidays, realism?

I love the sculpture of a doll-house sized white house decorated with big bulb Christmas lights and peeking in the window, you see a little person bathed in red (is that blood?) and then you also see long black pant legs sticking out of a doorway. Oh my God! It’s funny and scary and weird!

There are lots of moving images to take in too. A little homage video to Vincent Price narrated by Vincent Price. The whole thing – Priceless!

I am so impressed that the Museum of Modern Art is a place that showcases the work of a living artist. And an artist, like Burton, who crosses over so many mediums.

I just love Burton’s drawings. I love the way he draws a little pool of shadow under a crazy eyeball popping cactus. It is so dream-like and so real. Who hasn’t dreamed of cacti with eyeballs?

MoMA is amazing, totally worth the gulp, $20 admission fee. For a break after the Burton exhibit, plunk yourself down in front of Monet’s lillies. I dare you not to be energized, exhuasted, transformed after taking in these two exhibits.