Riverside Park

The girls did gymnastics.A butterfly stayed close by.Toes in the grass.

Last year on Mother’s Day I was disappointed — no presents, no dinner out. Ultimately I just wanted to be alone!

But this year I let go of expectations. My motto? Low expectations = high results. High expectations = low results. So when one of my BFFs suggested a picnic in Riverside Park, I jumped. We spent hours with our toes in the grass, talking about work, books, politics, kids, health, mothering — all the usual.

We fought off a bold squirrel who kept inching closer, stalking our Middle Eastern and Mexican food. We watched our girls turn cartwheels. A hawk flew low with a squirrel dangling from its talons.

Mother Nature put on a show this Mother’s Day. Who needs a bouquet of roses when you have friends, Riverside Park, ethnic food, and nature? My beautiful New York.

Find Your Run

I told the kids we didn’t have to stay out long. We only had to take a walk. But I brought the sleds.

The secret is to finding a good sledding run, we discovered, is to head  to the Hudson River. It’s a mistake to stay up on Riverside Park by Riverside Drive. It gets crowded there. (Although it’s great for little kids.)

Down near the floating ice chunks of the Hudson, you can pound down your own awesome run. It does take time. And you may be distracted by the beauty of the scenery and so you chat with the cross country skier. (She was disappointed  that the Parks Department had done too good a job of clearing the pathways. She needed more snow for skiing.)

And the sun was melting the sidewalks too. Too much efficiency and too much sunshine — not good for the skier.  

The sledding was way fun. Almost as fun as the snowman (or snow woman) the kids made. I stamped my feet, watched the ice float down the Hudson. It had been my idea on this Snow Day when we were all off from school and work to go on this walk. But soon enough, I was ready to head back home to make hot chocolate and watch a movie. My feet were cold.