Lift Each Other Up

Why is it so easy to tear each other down? I don’t get it.

I like to walk down the crowded Manhattan streets and say (in my head) to each person I pass, “Good for you.” or “God bless you.” It’s my little rebellion in the world of Might Makes Right. My radical, unconditional kindness.

I reject the idea

someonethat the fastest, sharpest, meanest person gets to speak loudest, longest, have the most power.

I tell my students, most often in creative writing classes, “It’s more important to be supportive than right.” We do not need to have all the facts exactly right — we have dubious Google for that — but, Good God, we need to support each other. For when we stretch ourselves in our writing, when we share our vulnerability, when we ask for help, we are opening ourselves up to growth. We may make mistakes but we will grow.

How did asking for help get such a bad rap? I know I do not like to ask for help but when I have, I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the outcomes. And the crazy thing is this: even if I do not get what I wanted, I get something else. I get something. It’s what it’s all about — lifting each other up. Asking to be lifted. Lifting.

Do not be so fast criticize. Be fast to praise. To support. To love. To admire. Just for today.

And for today’s inspiration: I give you: the Dreamers.


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