I love the UN

At the mic is Betty Reardon, called a midwife to UN Resolution 1325, the reason for this three-day celebration and call to action. My friend Nicole Goodwin is on the far right.

Reporting on the peacemakers at the United Nations civil society today, I noticed that women leaders come in many ages.

And it’s not just the many-aged women who are amazing, so are the men. Last night, Dean Peacock asked the people gathered to challenge harmful stereotypes of masculinity.
Also last night, I heard Iraq Veteran Against War Matt Howard, who said that “Iraq and Afghanistan are not the root causes of our problems. Militarism is.” There is something wonderful about men who work for peace and who support women who work for peace. In a world that is corporate, consumer-driven, militaristic, I love the peacemakers.

Today, my friend Nicole Goodwin, an Iraq veteran and fellow writer, spoke of the trauma of witnessing torture. Her essay in the New York Times, Talking With My Daughter About My Service in Iraq, shows me how complicated we all are. How we want to protect our children. Stay sane ourselves.

I learned so much today.

I love the United Nations.
I love the idea of it. And I wish more people loved it and its capacity for creating a peaceful world.

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