Mastermind Mentoring for Women

“Own the room. Stand in your own power.”

“Women tend to personalize when things go wrong. (Conversely, give away the credit when things go right.)”

“In small international business ventures, women are less likely to reinvest in their business.”

This was the conversation I walked into at the NYU Alumni Day today. I left my other workshop on Creativity a little early when the psychoanalyst’s powerpoint broke down (and he did not seem that creative with what to do beyond his prepared presentation.)

So I crashed the Stern business school workshop on masterminding mentoring for women.

Here’s an example of a workable way to get a new job: Meet with the new company and let them know, “I’m thinking about what to do next.” Jennifer Gootman advised. She asked them, “What do you need? This is what I love and what I bring. What is it I can do for you?” This came from her reading of Lean In.

Marisa Santoro was also on the panel and shared her productivity secret. It is three-fold:

  1. time management
  2. self-care
  3. systematize

On number 2 she said when you take time for self care, “magical things happen.” Also, “have five power friends.” And a time management tip: stay off Facebook.

Karen Rubin said take small steps. “Take the next step.” This helps build up confidence. She was starting a coaching business and asked her friends, “Do you know anybody who might want coaching?” Even though it was hard, she did it. It got easier. “Push yourself beyond your comfort zone.”

Rubin also said — and I love this — given two groups: the smartest and the most diverse, the most diverse group always makes the best decisions (not the smartest.) And she said that what millennials are looking for are the same things that women are looking for (i.e., to be parents, sane hours, etc.)

Interesting. I never went to business school. But on my NYU reunion day, I get to pretend I did. Inspiring!

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