I was reminded that women are powerful communicators. We love to tell stories about ourselves. We love to chat. 

Two years ago when I went


to Blogher in Chicago, I attended every free yoga class in Millinneum Park and every booth in the exhibit hall. I met Pioneer Woman and Sheryl Sandberg. This time,  I was happy seeing Gwyneth Paltrow from a distance. I left early this afternoon to hang out with my husband and son.

I don’t have to make high-powered friends. I have enough.

The last sesssion I went to addressed the social media phenomenon, FOMO, fear of missing out. Led by a couple of psychologists and a world traveler, they reminded us to put down our phones, realize we have choices, talk openly when we feel left out, and yes, have gratitude for all our gifts and friends. Thanks @drbenmichaelis and @drjenonline and @elisadoucette and thanks #blogher

I am writing this on my phone at the airport – heading off to be with a book club buddy in Dublin. I will also attending a writing workshop and visit some peacemakers in Belfast.

I am excited, nervous, curious. Here.

With Varda and Holly at blogher, friends made from Listen to Your Mother.

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