Moments Over Money — Mamma Mia!

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I heard you look slimmer if you stand sidewise. But who cares! If you have a big smile, you’re attractive! Notice the poster! Big smile = fun!

My teenage girls loved Mamma Mia! They loved it more than the movie, which they also loved.They were climbing out of their seats and trying to squelch each other’s enthusiasm for the show at the Broadhurst Theatre. But they couldn’t. They were laughing, crying, dancing.

Mom: Why did you like it?

Cat: It was spectacular. A real feel-good show. We sang along. We had to fight the urge NOT to sing along. Then we gave in.

CoCo: It was really powerful. A tear-jerker.

Mom: What did you take away from seeing the musical?

Cat: A positive attitude.

CoCo: To live while you’re young.

Mom: What about older moms like me? What if you’re not young?

CoCo: Live as if you were young. The mom was so good. What was her name? Judy McLane. So good.

Mom: Any other advice?

CoCo: It’s more important to cherish what you have than stress about what you don’t have.

Mom: Thanks.

CoCo: And thanks for sharing your (Inglot) make up with me.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Serino Coyne and MAMMA MIA! Gimme! Gimme! Glitter collection at INGLOT Cosmetics for inviting us to the show. We did receive tickets and a little glittery eye shadow, but the girls’ opinions are their own. And they advise everyone to go see Mamma Mia!

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