Messy Life

My bedroom is messy. My desk is messy. My work life is messy.

When I signed on with my personal ass-kicker Patty Golsteijn, minimalist, at New Work City a couple of months ago, she told me to work on my novel before I checked my email or social media stream or anything else. Every day. Just do that. And I did. Mostly.

Then, every Tuesday morning, during our Collaborative Motivating (cotivating) session, several of us would report to each other and to Patty on our goals. We’d commit to our next goal in person and on a Google spreadsheet.

I like being accountable. And productive. It’s why Kelly and I called our writing biz, Boot Camp for Writers.

It turns out, I also like doing my own thing too.

  • Going off the grid.
  • Running out for coffee with a friend in the neighborhood.
  • Going out to dinner.
  • Reading and liking my friends’ Facebook posts.
  • Bingewatching Parks and Rec with my kids — I was laughing so hard last night, I literally couldn’t breathe — the episode where Leslie runs for mayor and has to walk out on the skating rink — OMG! So funny.
  • Going off on tangents.
My apartment looks so nice when it is decluttered.
My apartment looks so nice when it is decluttered.

So to motivate myself, I signed up for New Work City’s IndieCon conference this Saturday. Patty will be there. I hope she gets me back on the grid. Or at least gets me to cut the crap.

Here are a couple of pics of my beautiful apartment. I always make it look nice when I am about to have a party or people over. But parties leave a mess and then I’m back to where I started. Sigh.

I’m overwhelmed. I guess I’ll just head over to Facebook to like some posts. Or maybe go out for coffee.

Ready for a party.
Ready for a party.

6 thoughts on “Messy Life

  1. It’s so true that working on the toughest things first can do wonders for productivity. Your post resonated with me today as I’m over on Seedlings Sprouting talking simple ways to stay organized in your work.

    1. thanks! I actually feel we need more light, especially as the winter approaches — a bit of seasonal affect disorder runs in the fam.. thanks for kind words

  2. Your apartment reminds me of You’ve Got Mail. 🙂 Also, I need to do the write first, social media later. Also…binge watching Parks and Rec with the kids….been doing that, too. Love it!

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