happy 15th birthday!

girls, you have taught me that life is not all about me. that i should put away my phone and be in the moment.
you have taught me to embrace that our family is different. and different is good.


when i started motherhood with you girls 15 years ago, we were just like every other family. or so it seemed. two parents and three kids.
but then a few years in, something seemed a little off with daddy. we discovered he had Parkinson’s. i felt sad, mad, confused, ripped off, empathetic, impatient, frustrated. all that. more. i felt love too. and hope. now and then.
but you girls kept me rooted in the moment. i couldn’t be all about me.
mom, i need to go to daycare.
mom, check my hair for nits.
mom, sign my permission form.
mom, make me dinner. mom, i don’t eat meat.
mom, come to my game.
mom. mom. mom. i’m going out now.
mom, what time do i have to be home?
mom, can i go to the rocky horror picture show?
(i know you threw some pleases in there too…)
and because of you, i stopped worrying about me. i worried about you kids. and i still worried about dad, of course. but i learned to do more than worry.
i learned to enjoy and laugh. and find the good in everyone. every single person. (god, i do try.) and i learned about pop songs. and i learned about chicago math.
i learned about myself because of you. when one of you was a bit dramatic or a bit emotional or a bit of a good storytelller — i thought, hmmmm, she might’ve gotten that from me…
so maybe it is all about me, after all.
no. wait, today’s your birthday. it’s all about you.
you and you. my two. my girlies. my darlings. happy birthday. i got lucky when i got you.

6 thoughts on “happy 15th birthday!

  1. Dearest MaryBeth,

    Happy Birthing Day, Mommy! I hear that, in Sweden, recognition of The Mom on birthdays is A Thing. A Real Thing. A National Thing. But not here. After the flurry of sonograms and extra doctor-monitoring for twins, once they are born, it’s all, “Here’s your hat; what’s your hurry?” as they boot you out of the door.

    On the other hand, you’ve built a tribe – a pretty magnificent tribe – with whom you’ve had some amazing adventures.

    Hence, Happy Birthing Day, dear MaryBeth, and Happy Birthday, dear twins, and many, many more.


    1. Thanks Hailey! Yes, they are a tribe, fighting, coexisting, loving. And I had (have) something to do with their awesomeness, for sure. I guess I expect they’ll thank me when they are my age… I’ll wait. And yes, twins. An extra bonus. And right now, that means rivalry at a higher level. But they’ll work it out. I hope!

  2. I learned at a meeting this week…. worrying is like praying to yourself. What thinkest you? Hope you had great celebration day Seems only yesterday we were pushing those girlies in a stroller.. Much Love, M

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Yes, they were such lovely babies, toddlers, but they’re lovely now too. We did have a great day, their friends stopping by, out to dinner. the girls and H. want to go clothes shopping today, so the fun just continues. Yes, worry is wasteful….

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