You win some. You lose some.

During dinner last night, one of the darlings was waiting for the email on whether she had made it onto student council. Five people ran for three spots. Her speech was very funny, slightly quirky, personal, and poetic.

For example, in her speech, she mentioned, “I’m deathly afraid of squirrels. But I love whales.” A mom wonders (worries).

My other daughter said, “She’s going to win.”

“Whatever the outcome, you’re a winner in my book,” I said.

We started talking about rejection.

My husband talking about running for Actors Equity Council several times and not being elected.

I said, I can’t count how many of my stories and novels have been rejected.

My other kids talked about not getting parts in plays. Or not being chosen for a school leadership program or a semester exchange program.

Wow! I thought, as a family, we’ve really put ourselves out there. It takes courage to send yourself, your work, your potential leadership out into the world.

And the anxiety is intense — as you wait to learn yours or your work’s fate — from elections, an editor’s perspective, a director’s choice, or a program committee’s discretion.

So, we’d had no word yet on the results. Four of us were watching Modern Family. My daughter got the news.

She walked into the family room: “You’re looking at one of your 9th grade student council representatives!”

We can.
Yes, we can. Take a risk.

We cheered! Those moments of putting yourself out there pay off.

You’re no longer commiserating about rejection, but celebrating a win! We were so happy for her.

How do you handle rejection? How about those wins? Let’s celebrate our courage as we put ourselves in the arena.

Every risk — no matter how small — pays off. In some way. It may not even be the way you intended, but it will pay off. Today, take a risk to make something better.  

Ready, Set, Done. (I started this blog post in my journal and then finished it on my blog.) I am also a part of #31daysofwriting.

4 thoughts on “You win some. You lose some.

  1. Good job! I don’t deal with rejection well I’m afraid; my self-esteem is too low for that. I will worry at it forever, but I keep putting my stuff out there so I guess I have strength hidden somewhere in this mass of neurosis 😉

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