Snow Day in Riverside Park

Sometimes words simply will not do. So I will show you some pics of today in Riverside Park and Riverside Drive. My Upper West Side was blanketed in snow.








2 thoughts on “Snow Day in Riverside Park

  1. Greetings, Mary Beth. This is a bottle cast into the sea, I hope it is not a bother for you. I am a former close colleage of Lois Dauway in both the NCCCUSA and at the WCC, and have been thinking much about her in recent months but unable to find any current news about how and where she is. I wonder if you can help. I know you too were close to her. I love your blog and admire your various engagements. My very best to you for a blessed New Year,

    Dwain Epps
    Retired WCC staff member living in Montbovon, Switzerland

    1. Hi Dwain, Thanks for asking about Lois. I would like to send you some information offline. My email is Please let me know your email or how best to connect to you. Thanks for kind words on the blog. I love Switzerland and would love to go back one day….

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