Spring Has Sprung?

Words really can’t describe how beautiful my bike trip to work is. So I will let my pictures show you. Every day I ride 45 blocks to work in New York City. I never stop. I ride through Riverside Park. I don’t pass any commercial establishments. I ride along the Hudson River. There is beauty all around.


Riding my bike to work makes me very happy.


3 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung?

    1. I’m sure Spring is pretty in Maine, but there’s nowhere as pretty as Spring on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Except maybe Autumn on the Upper West Side on Manhattan. That’s nice too.

  1. Wow! It’s really amazing what a difference a few miles to the south makes. I take my dog to DePew park in Peekskill and as much as spring is rising early there, Riverside has it beat. In fact I had taken pictures for a blog entry about the joys of winter parks but the weather makes it seem an outdated topic. I’ll save the pics for next year!
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed we’ll have no late frosts.

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