New York Is Beautiful

It’s true that New York is beautiful. Every night, we have an incredibly sunset. This is my view of the West Side Highway.

The sunset was especially lovely.

But today’s bill at the gas pump was not so pretty. WTH! (This is the MOST I have ever paid for gas!)


2 thoughts on “New York Is Beautiful

  1. If it makes you feel any better, that’s still cheaper than what we’re paying here in Toronto. It would cost a little over $83 (Canadian) for 16.954 gallons. In Italy back in September 2011 when we were there, the price was €1.90 per litre, here in Toronto, we’re paying $1.30 per litre.

  2. $4.45? Up here in Westchester it was $4.15 at the Shell station closest to my house when I went out this morning so when I saw it for $3.89 at another Shell in the day, I filled up on my way home even though I still had half a tank. both Shell, and a 0.25 difference. Something fishy!
    Then I came home and posted an entry to my blog.

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