This Saturday

(Art Students League from Creative Commons, Wikipedia)

All this week, my daughters’ art is hanging up at the Art Students League on 57th Street, 2nd floor. Please stop in and see it. There will be a party for the class on February 18th, Saturday,  from 10 am to 12. You’re invited.

Just like a real art opening, there will be snacks, schmoozing, and admiration (and a little jealousy?) for the artists. The league also has a funky cafeteria that my kids love so stop in some time, even if it’s not this week!

I do have a time conflict on Saturday. This is the same time my watercolor class meets. I will have to multitask. (Last week I had to depart class early for my son’s regional swim meet!)

Despite the effort to get to art class and to parent well, there is nothing better than being a parent and a painter, except maybe being the parent of painters.

Art is a powerful tool for self expression and personal transformation.

Make something creative out of your day. And if you don’t have an idea, go to the Art Students League for inspiration.

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