This morning, I felt I lived in San Francisco as I walked in Riverside Park. The fog made everything quiet.

The muted fall colors and the sun somewhere behind the fog made me feel so good. So peaceful.

There is something sad, inevitable, beautiful about autumn in New York.


Maybe the bittersweet beauty is the reason writers write songs about New York this time of year. 

4 thoughts on “Foggy

    1. Thanks Katherine. People don’t think of NYC as a beautiful place — as a place with natural beauty, but it is, especially in the spring and fall. Glad you have good memories of it!

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    1. I do not know much about gardening, but I am open to learn. I like untamed beauty that I just happen upon. But thanks for thinking of me Wave Hill. I would like to attend one of the lectures. Any time I visit Wave Hill I have an amazing time.

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