Mountain Meadows

imageEvery day I wake before the kids. I put on coffee.

In New York City I write at the kitchen table with a view of a wide airshaft. Usually there are construction materials piled in a corner back there. On Tuesday and Saturday mornings, garbage pick-up days, I hear the porters wheeling bins of garbage. Sometimes I notice a light in the windows in the backside of another apartment building. I wonder if someone’s just had a baby, is going to the gym, has an early breakfast meeting, or is getting dressed. I wonder what they’re doing up so early.

But then I go back to my writing, submerge myself in my own world.

This was my view from the Mountain Meadows Bed and Breakfast in Keene Valley, the Adirondacks.

When I am up in the Adirondacks, I still wake before the family. I make some coffee. Or like the other morning, I woke up at Mountain Meadows, a sweet little Bed and Breakfast in Keene Valley. I had a lovely writing spot.

My mind wandered. I wondered about nature, not about people. I thought Wow, is that a hawk?  Maybe it’s just a crow. Sunlight moves across the mountain in a parallelogram.

I don’t write. I just wonder. Sometimes beauty inhibits my creative flow, but feeds my soul.

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