How May I Help You?


I file this one under “Helpful New Yorkers.”

At the Yankee game the other night, I spotted this young woman with the sign. She was just standing there, a bow in her hair, hoping to help. I wished I needed help, but I didn’t need it then. It was pretty clear to me where the beer line was and that’s where I was headed. Nothing more needed.

Lately I have felt that I need a lot of help, but the kind of help I need is complicated. I need help getting motivated to work out. I need help with the kids’ homework. I need help with my husband’s care. I need help meeting work deadlines. I need help with my dwindling, mixed-up stock portfolio. I need help getting out of bed on cool mornings. I need help getting published.

I don’t know if this Yankee employee can help me with these things. It looks like she can help with directions. Heck, I can do that.

Fella, the beer line is this way! You’re right behind me.

3 thoughts on “How May I Help You?

  1. That’s actually a pretty non-intrusive way to offer information. I like it. And, I too, could use some help. I’m thinking she looks a little young to be burdened with the questions I’ve got though. 🙂

    Just wanted to remind you that the post needs to include the “official contest entry” button to be considered by the judges when it’s time to select finalists. If you’re just linking up for fun & networking, the post is fine as is.

    Thanks for participating in Writers’ Week!

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