The Pedestrian Bridge


I’d seen the walkway across the Hudson at Poughkeepsie every time I took Amtrak upstate. I wanted to walk the longest pedestrian bridge at 1.25 miles, but never thought I’d make it to Poughkeepsie. But I did (the night before, I’d had dinner at the CIA).

On a Friday afternoon in August, I realized my dream: I strolled the promenade.

I always hope for a big epiphany when I walk. But from 300 feet above the Hudson, all I noticed was the beauty of the river that runs both ways. I noticed the fluffiness of the clouds. And I noticed that other people walk at their own pace. Maybe those are epiphanies.

Nice wide walkway. You can bike across too!
People of all ages walk across the bridge.

4 thoughts on “The Pedestrian Bridge

  1. Yes, Peter, it’s like 10 minutes from Hyde Park and the CIA so you can walk your heart out and then eat your heart out. It’s supposed to be really spectacular to walk the bridge in the fall when the leaves are changing!

  2. Do painters ever set up there? I was thinking if and when I get there (would love to!) I would want to bring one of my camp chairs and sit for a while… are there rules against such a thing?

    1. Julie, it didn’t seem like anyone was stopped and camped along the walk (the sun was pretty bright and unrelenting that day!) but there were picnic tables in the shade at each end of the walk where you could sit and visit and buy a bottle of water or ice cream or some produce from the farmer’s market.

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