Sparkling Wine at the CIA


With a view of the kitchen, eating at the American Bounty restaurant at the Culinary Institute of America (the CIA) in Hyde Park is like watching a cooking show on TV.

The student waitstaff is super nice. And I love nice.

At dinner the other night, I liked the duck, but I loved the strawberry-rhubarb tart-y thing for dessert with fresh strawberry ice cream. The drink of the day was a Kir Royale knock-off: Prosecco sparkling wine with an orange liqueur or citron or something yummy. The drink looked like champagne and tasted like baby aspirin. Yes, I find orange baby aspirin yummy.

‘Tis the season — fresh produce at fresh restaurants.

Let the stock market slide, I’m eating out. I had it and I spent it on sparkling wine.

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