High and Low

Two of my Facebook friends also posted pictures of the rainbow over Manhattan last night.

I spotted it as I approached the Lincoln Tunnel with five teenagers in my van coming back from 6 Flags. We’d been stuck in traffic for what felt like days but was probably less than an hour.

It’s amazing what a rainbow over the Manhattan skyline will do to your spirits.

One of the teens slid open the minivan door to take a picture on his phone (remember: we weren’t traveling fast, because of the traffic jam). My son gave a cheery thumbs up to the neighboring drivers of slow-moving vehicles.

Highs and Lows.

On Thursday night, I celebrated Bloomsday at the Supreme Court building downtown. You know, it’s the pillared building   featured in all TV’s court shows. You know, the big steps and the feeling of justice as your purse is scanned by friendly officers of the court.

One of the best parts of living in New York City is that you can be as high class or low class as you want to be. Or wanna be.

One night you’re partying at the Supreme Court looking up at the rotunda and the next day you’re hangin’ in New Jersey looking up at the parachute ride.

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