Oh No, My Mother Just Joined LinkedIn

My mother just requested to join my network. What should I do? Soon she’ll be telling me to change my profile picture, get a hair cut, rewrite my status update, stop cursing. (I tell my son that last one!)

On the other hand, I may need a job recommendation and we have worked together. Seriously. I was a guest lecturer in her college classroom. And she’d be there if I needed her. It’d be a way for us to be linked if our phones went down.

I’m not sure. I’ve just felt that social media was my realm, my playground. And I’m doing great without her. I’m growing up, Ma.

I know Facebook is not far behind. Facebrag has a competitive edge. Who has the cutest kids? The most friends? The wittiest comments? Me, Joanne Woodward, Lou Stellato.

Yes, she’d get to see a lot more photos of her grandkids. And read a lot more of my writing, including this post. So I better stop writing now.

I do write to be read. And I do love my mother. So, yes I’ll accept her request to connect to my network on LinkedIn. After all, their tagline is: Relationships matter. Yes, they do. Especially the online relationships between parent and child.

3 thoughts on “Oh No, My Mother Just Joined LinkedIn

  1. let me just say i rue the day i “friended” my mother on fb. i swear she stalks me. yes she sees the the pix of the grandchildren and can know what’s going on. but do i want her to know what is going on???? this is the question. think long and hard. “relationships matter”, yes, but there are boundaries.

    1. I remember that! Yes, there is a certain devil-may-care attitude when you can post, “Mommy needs a drink.” This sort of post can get misinterpreted by my mother/the kids’ grandmother.

  2. I’m FB friends with my mum and some of my family, but only the ones that wouldn’t freak out if I let slip a few expletives or a disturbing status update.

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