The Other Way To Read

I forgot how to read a real book. I am reading “The Other,” by David Guterson. I bought the real book, not the e-book book. (Thanks, Dad, for the bookstore gift certificate!)

And when I got to the end of an early chapter, I closed the book, and reminded myself to remember that I’d stopped there. On an e-book, there’s no need for book marks or reminders to yourself. The e-book remembers for you. You turn it on and voila, you’re right at your stopping-off point.

So back to my paperback book, a day later, I opened “The Other,” and started at Chapter 3 which seemed right, until the end of chapter. The narrator referred to a character as if I, the reader, should already know who she was. But I was yet to be introduced. Yes, I flipped back and realized I’d completely skipped Chapter 2.

I have become so used to reading on an e-book that I’ve lost my knack for reading a real book. It is taking me a moment to relearn, but I will get there. I’m smart like that.

Reading is one of my life rules, my routes to sanity — My Rule #2 is escape through literature.

One thought on “The Other Way To Read

  1. I love technology, I work in technology, I’m a web-developer. But there is something about an electronic book that I just cannot get. I read, religiously every day. Different books of different types. Each book has its own place on my bookshelf and it tells me a story without even having to open the cover. It tells me where I was when I read it, my frame of my mind, my reaction when I finished the story. I pick it up, open the cover and it reveals itself to me, it tells me a whole new story, page turn by page turn all over again. It has a smell, it has a texture, it’s a multi-sensory experience. For those reason, I wish you luck in learning how to read a book again but I hope more than anything you learn how to love a book again.


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