My father had a motto, which I think he got from Woody Allen, “Showing up in uniform dressed to play is 99 percent of the game.” Sometimes finding the uniform is tough. But usually, I’m good to go. I show up. And that’s the best I can do. Like showing up to write in one of my blogs every day.

Every new year I vow to get organized, save money, and work out more. And in 2011, I promised myself I’d blog for 66 days and I’m almost there.

I remember a Physics lesson from college (although it was the only class where I got a D). A body in motion stays in motion. And so I stay in motion. I just keep playing, showing up to my life wearing my uniform. I keep going.

For me the tough part of being married to someone with Parkinson’s Disease is that there are times when he is not ready to play. He can’t find his uniform. He’s slow to the game. (I hesitate to ever complain one iota about his disease because yes, I know, it’s tough, yes, worse on him or anyone with a chronic or serious condition. And, hey, what am I complaining about?) But sometimes showing up means telling it like it is. And that’s the way it is tonight.

But tomorrow I’ll get up early. I’ll write in my journal. I’ll get dressed in my work clothes, my uniform. I’ll get ready to play. And I’ll help anyone that needs help. And I’ll try to remember to thank God that I’m on a team.

2 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. This is beautiful. You have great courage and strength. Stamina and a heart of gold. What more could a girl want? These attributes will carry you through life, no matter what God has in store. What’s the saying, “God won’t bring you to anything that he won’t get you through. Hang tough. You are in inspiration to me.

    By the way…What is the title of your blog? I can’t find it anywhere. :o(

    1. Thanks. I appreciated the kind words. When I started this blog, I called it Then I changed it to the Connected Life, a place where I could ruminate on living and writing in a digital world.

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