The Tyranny of New

I love writing a new blog post, love a new dress, love a new episode of “Modern Family.”

New, new, new. Wait. What’s so great about new? What if old, old, old is best? What if recycled is as good, if not better, than brand spankin’ new? Why not repurpose?

See, I was considering what to write for this week’s assignment for my Bootcamp for Journalists class at Media Bistro. We were supposed to visit a new museum exhibit or review a new restaurant. I could not get any where. I could not think. Then it occured to me — repurpose (I love this word!) a blog post from my Travelpod blog about me and the girls’ visiting the New York Times Travel Show last year. It’s coming up soon. The convention would be new to my readers! Genius!

At the New York Times travel show at the Jacob Javits Center, we went to Indonesia — the woman at the booth was super nice. She gave the girls magnets of a rice field.

We went to Israel where we ate tasty olives and some kind of chips.

We dug sand art in the Caribbean.

We watched penguins waddle at Sea World.

We went scuba diving in a warm pool.

The girls ascended the climbing wall several times.

We danced with teenagers from South Africa.

I want to go back to the travel show again this year. It runs from February 25 to 27, 2011 I hope they have some new exhibits.

And BTW, I don’t think it’s called plagarizing if you’re stealing from yourself. Then it’s called repurposing.

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