Football Rules

I played Mighty Might football during the pre-season of 5th grade. I have always felt proud of that. As we head into Super Bowl season, I offer you some life lessons from a girl who played football:

1) Stay nimble. Keep moving. A moving target is harder to hit.

2) Pass the ball. Remember, you play on a team. Give someone else a chance to shine or do that little touchdown dance. I did not play football long enough to dance in the end zone, but I think, for me, as for most people (women?), that is the highlight of watching the game.

3) Look good in your uniform. This, too, is a highlight for spectators (women?). Stay in shape.

4) Behave. You may be creating a fan for life by the way you play and represent your team.

5) Remember you play for a place. I played for the Minnesota Vikings with my Uncle Tom Nierman as my coach. I learned life lessons from him. I still like the Vikings. I like the Chicago Bears better, because I am from Chicago and that is my birth right.

Greg Olsen, permission from creative commons

5) Listen to the coach. At my high school reunion last October, my classmate Joe told me that Uncle Tom was the best coach bar none. Uncle Tom gave pointers to Joe that he remembered throughout his long football career. He gave better advice than Joe’s college football coach. Don’t dis the little league coach.

6) Call time out. Regroup. Recharge. Take all of the time necessary to debrief and plan.

7) Wear protection. Pads, helmet, etc.

I am following my own advice — staying nimble, looking good, recharging.

I am returning this blog to its previous incarnation about my 7 Rules for Living. Last summer and fall, this blog was a place for me to report on my daily visits to random churches. My Church a Day blog was by far my most popular. I received between 70 and 18o readers every time I posted. I loved that.

I began visiting a church a day when my kids were in summer camp. But now that they’re not in camp, I’m finding visiting a church a day a challenge. I may go back to visiting a church a day. I don’t know. The game’s still on.

I still blog daily. If not on this blog —  My 7 Rules site — then I post about:

health and fitness:

my beautiful city:

my hopping off the grid:

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