Following Flylady

I was one of Flylady’s first 10,000 followers and now she has well over 100,000. Flylady is a system of house cleaning (or home blessing as she says). I am not a religious follower of Flylady, but totally agree with her basic tenets:

1. Keep your kitchen sink clean and shiny.

2. When you wake up, get dressed to your shoes.

3. Follow morning and evening routines.

You can shine the kitchen sink any way you want. The point is that if the sink is clean and shiny, the cleanliness radiates out. The table, the counters, the appliances get clean too.

The sink is literal and metaphorical. Every room has a kitchen sink.  In the kids’ bedrooms, it’s a made bed. In the family room, it’s a picked up floor. In the bathrooms, it’s a hung-up towel.

I do not have CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). And BTW, I love Flylady’s acronyms. FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself and I think Marla Ciley, flylady, used to be a flyfisher. You can read her daily prompts and encouragement at:

Another productivity tip I learned from Flylady is to set the timer for 15 minutes and just go until the timer dings. You can accomplish a ton in 15 minutes. Even 10 minutes. It’s the Swiss Cheese method and I use it for writing

2 thoughts on “Following Flylady

  1. I”m a full-time stay at home dad and I attempted to keep my sink spotless yesterday. I have to say it seemed to really help with the caos level throughout the day. I appreciate the encouragement to do the “little” things and the big events will fall into place.

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