Ode to Hugs

Oh hugs! I love you!

Eight hugs a day!

The baby reaches out her arms and wails awaiting her morning hug and mother’s milk.

And in the evening hours, awaiting sleep and a cup of tea, the grandmother reaches for her glasses and receives a lapful of cat, purring, snuggling, burrowing in for the night.

Bishop Minerva Carcaño hugs Community Developer Elva Michal.

Baby, grandmother, and all in between: hugs for all, eight hugs a day!

I wrote this last night in my Number One Son’s literature class. The middle school offers Riverdale Reads, an English class experience for parents and families. Like the middle schoolers, we studied odes by Sophocles, John Keats, and Pablo Neruda.

Yes, we read an Ode to French Fries and an Ode to the Artichoke! So brilliant! So fun!

So in line with my life rule #2 Escape through literature.  https://mbcoudal.wordpress.com/2009/08/11/rule-2/

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