I did it!

I got up early on Sunday and ran (and walked) my first 5K. Joanna had invited me to join her and we’d run together (and walked together) before. I believe I’ve mentioned that I love working out with friends. Such a great, cheap way to be together, to talk, and to encourage one another.

We were a part of the http://www.rogosin.org/westbankrun/info.php (You can still sponsor me. I had to raise $100.)

The run benefited Rogosin, this kidney disease foundation. My friend Lois at work has been hospitalized with serious kidney problems after a world church meeting in Scotland. So I ran for Lois.

But honestly, it’s like the moral of last week’s episode of Glee. You say you’re helping someone, but you’re really helping yourself. The something in it for me was brunch at the end of the run. I love the West Bank Cafe, the run’s sponsor, on 42nd Street. After signing up, I realized I wouldn’t be able to stay for brunch. I’d have to book up to Charlotte’s soccer game in Central Park upon finishing.

It was a beautiful, clear day and the run was lovely, easy. (I will admit that we were slow). But I just liked getting out there, running along the West Side highway and the Hudson River. There were probably 50 of us.

My goal was simply to finish in less than one hour. I did it! I ran 5K in 41 minutes. That’s 3.1 miles, giving me a 13:17 pace. Next time, I can strive to beat it. I was thinking of Lois when I ran.

I have worked with Lois for a long time, since the early 90s. I think it’s fair to say both she and I can get impassioned, and therefore, occasionally, a little difficult. Yet I have always had a huge and deep-seated respect for Lois. Her intelligence, her wit, her kindness!

She has always fought the good fight and stood up for people who are marginalized — mainly, women and children. And maybe not just stood up for them, but run with them. Walked with them. Befriended them. Because they are us. And there’s something in it for us.

I really should sign up for another 5K, before I lose my mojo. And my goal is sometime, to run the whole way.

3 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. MB

    You really touched on so many aspects of why running is so great in this blog entry.

    You spoke of the cameraderie fostered between friends, the meaningful aspect of raising funds for worthy causes when part of an event, the benefits gained and/or trade-offs you make (my weekend run allowed me to eat chicken fried pork belly for brunch), the mental aspect of how running allows you to think or clear your head, and most importantly, how it just takes one race to make you want to challenge yourself to the next one.

    I say to people that “running changes everything” and I firmly believe it to be true.
    I can’t imagine where I would be today had I not started running 7 years ago.

    Bravo on your accomplishment!

  2. Let me be clear for the record– I slowed MB down! She would have ran faster, but I was a little off my game. So kind of you to not mention that in the post, MB! But the world should know! Thank you so much for doing this with me, it was awesome of you. And so much fun.
    xo jp

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