West End

The front doors were locked. So were the side ones. I didn’t see a bell to ring. Maybe the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, has the churches closed in solidarity. It’d be nice if religions were in solidarity with one another. I’ve had my religious tolerance reinforced as a member of United Methodist Woman and the Religion Communicators Council, and working at the Interchurch Center.

I think people who embrace religion in their lives have more in common than they realize. We are all searching for meaning. Any religion is a leap of faith and a personal decision.

imageI am proud of all the United Methodist and Christian groups that have preached and taught tolerance since Sept. 11th.

My friend Sarah worked with Faisel Rauf (the founder of the Cordova Center near the World Trade Center) on a performance piece about religious tolerance at the theater that’s a part of St. Paul and St. Andrew’s Church in ’03, (I think that was the date). She said the Imam and his wife were wonderful, kind, regular, all about building bridges of understanding.

I’m meandering. My point is I tried to get into the West End Collegiate Church around 6 pm but the doors were locked, probably unrelated to Rosh Hashanah.

I’d been cleaning all day. I’d wanted to get to a museum with the kids, but there was too much to do. Living in an apartment, we have no attic, garage or basement to stash and dash. Minimalism is a goal.

The girls started school yesterday, but they are off for the Jewish New Year today. Tomorrow too.

When the church was closed I went back to the park to hang out on my usual park bench near the playground. My daughter and her friend were rollerblading. They were holding hands. Have I mentioned how much I love that? I hope they never stop holding hands. 

4 thoughts on “West End

  1. I liked the last part most, girls holding hands. Today is 9/11 a fortunate and unfortunate day, why? Because while at one side world is remembering historic terrorist attacks at the same time on the other hand Muslim world is celebrating Eid. But I think mixing two events together is such an idiotic thing because one cant forget the loss of life due to those two unfortunate aircrafts, the day has become a symbol of religious, political and intentional hate.
    I personally believe that Muslims, Christians and Jews should join their hands together to understand and communicate their religious believes with one another, we three religions have one root, we all are from same Abraham, Moses, Jesus p.b.u.t so why so much hate and racism?

  2. Your comment, “minimalism is a goal” triggered a profound statement a friend once wrote:

    “Moreover, I do not want to get tangled up in forming relationships with physical objects that then make a demand on me. It seems material things need attention, and the more objects, the more demand for attention. Death teaches us that everything physical comes to dust.” – Steven Boone (Blog 10/11/09)

  3. I had been thinking about how holy days–Eid and Rosh Honasha–intersect this year, and so many people are thinking about their faith these past few days differently than they normally do. On top of that, they intersect with 9/11.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with me. It is a good time to contemplate faith and spirituality.

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