I Am That Person on the Street

About a month ago, my friend Lou emailed me with the message that I was on a YouTube video. I thought it was one of those chain emails. I was sort of surprised that Lou sent me a chain email, because he’s so tech savvy. But then anyone could forward Spam inadvertently so I deleted it and moved on.

Then yesterday, I was bored in a work meeting. I checked my phone for emails. I received a similar email from my friend, Crissy, who is also tech savvy.  “Guess who’s on a YouTube Video? unbelievable!” So rather than deleting, I clicked on the link.


Person on the street interview. (“SEX” ON THE STREET! BILLY EICHNER: SUMMER MOVIES 2010!)

Looks funny. Also, looks familiar. Yes, I remembered.

I was waiting for my brother at a bank on the corner of 23rd and 7th in a reverie inspired by my old beloved Chelsea neighborhood.

And then, this guy runs at me. I thought he was going to rob me. He totally invaded my personal space. I don’t think it’s clear from the video just how much Billy gets in your face — Except maybe for all the women who cower, cover their jewelry, and scream at him.

Now besides the shock of recognizing myself on a YouTube video that has more than 83,000 viewers, I wonder what to do about the Comments section. Should I read them? What if someone disses me? People do that when posting anonymously. And I am sensitive to the reviews of others. I read them.

But thank God, no one says anything except for the one person, who said, “‘You look just like her.’ That was quick.” I think, though, that could be my friend Lou’s comment.

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