St. Louis Run

In St. Louis I ran to the arch. It was only like a ten-minute run from the convention center. I knew I should get to the Press Room. (This is a common theme in my blog posts about St. Louis — always running to or from the Press Room. See my blog at about my walk on the Labyrinth on my way to Press Room.)

Any way, back to my run. It was kind of clammy that morning. But I really wanted to run. I tried to do the interval training that I was so excited about last week. I ran for five minute and walked for one. I did this about three times. Then I stopped to take a picture of the arch. And I kept walking. I didn’t feel like running again. But I saw a guy in a yellow shirt ahead of me. And just seeing someone else run makes you feel a little guilty if you’re not running. So I ran one more interval.

Then I took my headphones off and listened to the music coming from the riverboat casinos. It was like 9:00 in the morning on the Mississippi.  A school group was heading into the arch. The teachers were permissive and let the kids jump off a bench into the air. I liked that.

I thought about how hungry I was. This seems to be a theme in this blog. I start running and then I start thinking about eating. I wonder if the pros get sidetracked with thoughts of food. Maybe it’s just the boredom of running.

So I did get a run in. But then I stopped for an egg sandwich. And a homeless guy chatted me up — he told me “With some cream and sugar, honey, you’d sure taste good.”

People in St. Louis were very friendly.

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