Power of Interfaith

“Mercy and compassion of the Christian community,” Ingrid Mattson says. She refers to the National Council of Churches republishing of a book on Islam by Marston Speight shortly after 9/11.

Also, Ms. Mattson spoke of how many Jewish leaders supported Muslims after 9/11 because they could relate to being the marginalized. Not all people of faith were supportive. Some saw the terrorist act as an opportunity to evangelize or condemn Muslims.

Interfaith engagement was an avenue for growth for the Muslim communiity after 9/11.

Ms. Mattson leads the Islamic Society of North America. She is the plenary speaker at the Religion Communication Congress 2010.

Another outcome of the attack was that Muslim leaders built consensus across diversity. She concluded her remarks with hope and optimism on new ways to build relationships. “When our plans are shifted, we should not mourn too long.”

Ms. Mattson quoted from the Koran, “You may hate something and it may be good for you.”

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