The City Just Keeps Getting Better

Today, like a prelude to Spring, we had a sunny day, blue sky. All afternoon we spent in Riverside Park. Central Park is for tourists but Riverside Park is for New Yorkers.

First we were at the Elephant playground where I have spent more time on a bench outside of the playground than at any other city bench in the whole city. Or any city.

It’s called Elephant playground because there are elephants that spout water in the summer. There were no vendors selling water. The kids said they were thirsty and hungry.

We walked to the River Run playground via the Boat Basin Cafe (not yet open, but a man was attaching a boom box to a column, playing Salsa music).

Jolain and I talked about how our mothers followed Dr. Spock’s advice. Kids must have at least one hour of fresh air a day.

A vendor sold hot dogs and pretzels outside of River Run. One child among our six asked for ice cream. But they were not selling ice cream yet. Maybe it topped 50 degrees.

We moved to a bench that was full of light in the River Run playground. We call it that, but maybe it’s called the Hudson River park or something. The river runs through the playground. It’s a bigger, modern playground than Elephant park. A beautiful sandbox with a sculpted sun face. The kids like the depth of the sandbox, but they weren’t in it today.

The children rode the old-fashioned merry-go-round and bounced on the teeter totters for hours. Jolain and I talked of our siblings, books, art class. We whiled away the afternoon.

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