I had so much fun in November for National Novel Writing Month. I really should/want to do National Novel Editing Month in March. Starting tomorrow.

But Fifty hours of Editing! Ugh! I can’t do anything for 50 hours. I’ll have to get up early or skip exercise at lunch time or work for hours and hours.

And what about my commitment to myself to blog everyday of Lent?

Yet the characters I birthed in November are wandering around in a Netherworld, asking me to come get them out of their half-lives. They are so needy and I’m a sucker for characters that need me. Seriously considering…..

2 thoughts on “NaNoEdMo

  1. Got a head start on you. I didn’t stop after November. I finished the revising, reworking, line editing and now it’s in the hands of a few trusted friends, and in my bottom drawer. To force myself to ‘leave it alone for a few weeks’ I’m filling my writing time by writing a short story for a local SF magazine.

    Thank you nanowrimo for kick starting my writing. I haven’t been the same – *twitch-twitch* – since.

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