FLYlady and Me

I’ll admit I am a very messy, disorganized person. But I can change. I swear I can. I still have not unpacked my suitcase from Las Vegas three weeks ago. But I’ll do it. today, I swear. Right after I go to Bible Study, church, a discussion on public school, the girls’ basketball game, read the Times, make dinner, do the laundry, etc.

My dis-organizational skills are getting in my way. Last night when it was time to take Hayden and his friend to the Bar Mitzvah at Chelsea Piers, I couldn’t find his friend’s address. I had just written it down. Last weekend, I lost the car keys.

Okay, but at work, I’m organized. It only took me like a week to unpack my boxes when I moved offices. I don’t know why I find packing easy and unpacking hard. It’s true when I unpacked at work, I had the support of my online Flylady friends.

I have followed Flylady, Marla Cilly, for maybe ten years. She is my household help (and workspace) guru. I must continue to follow her.  When I started following her, she had about 10,000 adherents. Maybe now she has 100,000. I am not alone in having a chaotic, stash and dash  lifestyle.

The FLY part of Flylady stands for Finally Loving Yourself. And here’s my distillation of her three rules (you know, I love rules):

1. Get dressed to your shoes every morning right when you get up.

2. Keep your kitchen sink clean and shiney.

3. Follow simple morning and evening routines.

You think it sounds easy? It’s not. But it’s so worth it.

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