The Happiness Project. I'm jealous

I know you’re supposed to feel happy when you read the Happiness Project a book by Gretchan Rubin. And in general, I do. But dangit, I also feel jealous. I’ve been working on my 7 Rules for, like, a couple of years. Also, I have been following the Happiness Manifesto for like seven years. So why am I jealous and not happy.

When I saw that movie, Julie and Julia, I felt jealous then too, because at the end of the movie Nora Ephron was calling Julie about making her blog into a movie. This particular blog I’m writing right now may not make a good movie.

Maybe I have too many blogs. About travel, about running, about my spiritual journey, and this one, about writing.

I will let it go. I will be happy. I want to blog more right now but I’m trying to pull the kids away from the computer, XBox, and TV to play some cards. Maybe that will make me happy.

For a writer, happiness seems so tied to getting published? Or at least getting paid.

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