Goofing around with Google Wave

I’ve been thinking about thinking… about





Especially I’ve been wondering What makes for community? When I was on my sabbatical I was often thrust into community – at Chautauqua, Alliance Francaise, Taize. At times, I had no choice. I had to go along and get along.

Yes, I am resilience, but I, like everyone, can be uncomfortable moving out of my comfort zone.

I just heard a lecture on critical thinking from the headmaster of Riverdale Country school. He is particularly brilliant. here’s his blog.

One point Dominic made was that schools are not there simply to have students regurgitate facts but to learn to be


service minded



I believe we are called to do this too in our work.

That rather than judging students or coworkers merely on academics, we could look at each other’s capacity for curiosity, zest, self control (delayed gratification), gratitude, hope/optimism, and social intelligence.

Perhaps then we could find the brilliance of one another.

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