Started Nanowrimo

Oh it is so hard. Here is me whining. It’s too hard. What am I doing?  I wanted to finish the 2,000 words every day before noon. And sat with my notebook at the kitchen table, writing before the kids had to get up. They were late for school and complaining of sore throats. I might’ve written 500 words…

And now I’m at work and have to do work-type writing. Ah well, the solution is always – MORE COFFEE. 2,060 words done, 47,940 to go…

2 thoughts on “Started Nanowrimo

  1. I think NaNoWriMo is about a lot more than word count. For me, it’s about stretching myself to write more than I thought I could, to turn off the inner critic and just go, and to have fun doing it. If I do all three, then I will declare it a success, whether I hit 50,000 words in the month or 5,000.

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