The 13-minute barrier

Yesterday, I tried to run for longer than 13 minutes.

They ( say you should have a goal. That is my pathetic goal.

Yesterday I made it running from my house to the georgeousness of the Riverside garden near the Hippo Park. (All of New York is measured for me in playgrounds.) I think that’s almost 20 blocks (from about 76th to about 95th).

I was so tired after 11 minutes, I had to walk around the garden. There are still bees and blooms. The beauty inspired me. I started running again. And I ran for oh, about 10 minutes.

So, I ran for 11 minutes, walked for 1 minute, ran again for 10 minutes. I’ve gotta run for longer than 13 minutes.

Here’s another goal – to run a 5K before New Year’s Day. 2010.

3 thoughts on “The 13-minute barrier

  1. How long have you been running for?
    It takes awhile to build up distance, but the “run/walk” approach is a good way to do this. Try running for 10 minutes, walking for 1, then running for another 10, etc. etc.
    Every week add another minute (or 30 seconds depending on how you feel) to your run time, but keep the minute walk. You will be ready for the 5K in no time!
    Good Luck,

  2. Congratulations! 20 blocks in New York City is a mile, so you’re already running a mile without stopping! Keep your goals in mind and you’ll continue to make great progress. Good luck!

  3. MB

    Congrats on the running! Keep it up. As others have said, the endorphin thing will come eventually and then once you experience that on a consistent basis, the cravings will set in. The distance thing is gradual. It took me a few months of run/walk and getting out there every day to get to 5K but then it started happening for me.

    Don’t get discouraged. It took me a while but when I started in 2003, I never imagined that by 2004 I would run a marathon for my first time. Everyone’s goal is different and everyone has different reasons for running. For me, it was a combination of combatting weight, depression, and getting back my self-esteem. Running helped me love myself again and whenever someone wants to have a go at it, I love to encourage and offer advice any way I can.

    You are also close to Central Park no doubt, and there is an incredible community of runners there to inspire you. I always manage to squeeze in a run around the reservoir every time I got to New York and it is one of my favorite running spots in the world.

    Best of luck to you in your pursuit and reach out if you ever have any questions.


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