Working Mother query

Teresa Palagano

Executive Editor

Working Mother

2 Park Avenue, 10th floor

New York, NY 10016-5609

Dear Teresa,

Sure, a whole lot of people know a whole lot about money. Not me. I’ve spent almost my entire adult life avoiding the topic. My run of good luck with this benevolent neglect ran out about 6 months ago when I lost what people tell me is a whole lot of money in GE stock.

Do I care? No. Not me. “Stocks Slide; I Shrug,” is my humorous, short essay on how I could care less.

I could talk to an expert about my financial straits, but why bother? I had it, I lost it.

If you are interested in reading this essay, please let me know. My humorous essays have appeared in Self Magazine, the New York Times, and other national magazines and newspapers.

I am the staff writer for a national church group. I have worked as a stand up comedian, writing teacher, and am the mother of three school-age children.

Other short essays that might be of interest: Fondle My Kindle and Spoiled Rotten Kids.

If you are interested, please contact me at or 347-415-3707.

Or even if you are not interested but would like to have lunch someday, I am available. I am on sabbatical until late October and am looking to write more magazine articles and would love a chance to chat.

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